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Pi Sigma Alpha is the national honor society for college students that stimulates scholarships, and intelligent interest in political science and government in the United States. Rhodes′s chapter—TAU DELTA—of Pi Sigma Alpha attains this goal by hosting various on-campus events and speakers. The national Pi Sigma Alpha organization, 更广泛地说, sponsors programs and events of value to the profession and teaching of political science.

Pi Sigma Alpha is a member of the Association of College 荣誉的社会 (ACHS) and is designated as a "Specialized, 上部分”的社会. Because Pi Sigma Alpha is a member of the ACHS, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management allows its members to apply for federal government positions listed at a higher entry-level grade than non-member candidates. Members may apply for the Pi Sigma Alpha/ Howard Penniman 奖学金 for Graduate Study in Political Science, scholarships for Washington Semester programs, 以及最佳论文奖. All ACHS honor society student members are also entitled to automatic tuition reductions for Washington internship programs run by the Washington Internship Institute, 美国学生基金, 和华盛顿中心.

For more information about the Rhodes chapter of PSA—TAU DELTA—please contact the chapter advisor, Dr. 艾琳Dolgoy.

2021 - 2022年的应征者

Pi Sigma Alpha’s Tau Delta Chapter held an Induction/Recognition Dinner on April 21, 2022, 欢迎他们的新成员. 主持仪式的是博士. 艾琳Dolgoy as the new faculty advisor; Jimmy Mullen, 章总统; and Mimi Young, 副会长.

Our newest inductees are Elizabeth Baldwin ’22, 朱莉娅·贝克尔,22岁, 詹姆斯·布兰,23岁, 特雷·博伊德,24岁, Lizzie Carrier, 22岁, 托马斯·克洛德,23岁, 艾米丽·哈斯22岁, 季晓洁,22岁, 马修·肯尼22岁, Mariam Khayata, 22岁, 海伦娜·莱克22岁, 艾丽·麦金太尔,22岁, 劳伦·摩尔22岁, 吉米·马伦,23岁, Adaeze nwaabueze ' 21, 娜塔莉·史密斯22岁, 还有23岁的咪咪·杨.

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2019 - 2020年的应征者

在“第一次”的清单上再添一笔,” the 2019 - 2020年的应征者 into Rhodes chapter of PSA – Tau Delta – were inducted during a virtual ceremony on Thursday, 4月30日, 2020. 主持仪式的是博士. 阿里·马苏德担任新的指导老师, 威廉(亚历克斯)施拉姆科夫斯基, 章总统, 凯瑟琳科比, 副总裁/财务主管, 香农·蒂尔尼, 秘书.

我们最新的入选者是Jessa E. Barmish ' 20,摩根·C. 布朗大学,本杰明·D. 格里菲斯20年,格兰特A. 希尔21届,艾琳·刘21届,马修·J. Mussalli“21. 伊丽莎白G. Scott ' 20, Nathaniel M. 21岁的西尔弗和克洛伊·N. 由于“21

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2018 - 2019年的应征者

Pi Sigma Alpha’s Tau Delta Chapter held an Induction/Recognition Banquet on April 9, 2019年欢迎他们的新成员, and to recognize outgoing seniors for the time and service to the chapter. Special guests were former Members of Congress Claudia Tenney (R-NY) and Bob Clement (D-TN) who were visiting Rhodes as representatives of the Congress to Campus program.

祝贺索菲亚·G. 布拉德福德,伊莎贝尔·E. Celata ' 19, Carson A. 考克斯,珍妮·L. 威尔金森' 19,凯瑟琳N. 20岁的布莱恩特,玛丽·A. 20岁的卡朋特,亚当·C. Cruthirds ' 20,罗曼·J. 20年,马修·C. 戴安娜,威廉·A. Schramkowski ' 20, Shannon E. Tierney 20

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